Commercial Real Estate Leasing

Oak & Stone Realty provides services personalized to clients. While handling commercial leases in Atlanta, our focus is on research and advisory services that will positively influence the success of your commercial investments within retail, multifamily, office, mixed-use, industrial and land spaces. Office and retail spaces are some of the most common options for commercial leasing.

Commercial real estate includes any property in which your investment is intended to generate a profit. This can be for various means but, with commercial leasing, you expect that profit to come through rental income. In Atlanta, the opportunities within commercial real estate promise high value and competitive demand, which is why working with professionals who know the industry can set you apart.

Hassan leads Oak & Stone with a different approach to real estate. Our effective marketing platform and honest company culture directly benefits clients interested in both tenant and landlord representation.

Commercial Leasing in Atlanta

As your commercial leasing broker, Hassan uses his market knowledge and industry connections to advocate and negotiate to your benefit.
For owners or landlords of commercial property who are looking to lease to prospective tenants, you can protect your interests and streamline real estate transactions from the very start. This involves marketing the property to prospective tenants and conducting market research so you can ask for rental rates that not only appropriately generate a solid profit for you, but also gain immediate tenant interest.
For tenants, beginning to look for a place can feel like a massive undertaking. Start by contacting us to take advantage of the local connections we’ve developed over the years. Tenants can search through our extensive inventory of available properties to find exclusive leasing opportunities. Hassan has worked with a wide range of Atlanta investors that come to him with available listings.

Negotiating Commercial Leases

There are three main types of commercial leases—gross leases, net leases and modified gross leases. Tenants often favor gross leases and landlords often favor net leases, while modified gross leases balance between the two. Hassan will discuss these different options with you and go into more detail of what each one means for tenants and landlords.

Commercial leases are legally binding and made for business purposes. Negotiations often take longer with terms like rent amount, security deposits, property maintenance and renovations, use clauses, and more accounted for within the lease. Because this type of lease is commercial, it can be customized to your needs. 

While commercial leases are a complex, long-term commitment, they can also be an incredible asset for your future business ventures if done correctly. Sourcing professional advice before signing your lease offers many benefits. An experienced real estate broker can catch nuances you might not know to look for, negotiate better terms, and strategically guide you through an often overwhelming process.

Expert Representation Through Oak & Stone Realty

Our brokerage firm manages the forecasting and analysis of current market trends. Tenants and landlords receive access to a diverse set of resources alongside the option for a close review of any potential agreements.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Atlanta market, Hassan has worked commercial leases within nearby Atlanta, Buckhead, Brookhaven, Sandy Springs and Dunwoody.

Landlord Representation

We can lease your investment property to tenants and assist you in building a well-rounded portfolio of rentable properties. Oak & Stone handles it all—negotiating lease terms, facilitating property tours, and being an active resource for tenants looking to lease.
If you’re tired of not seeing results, Hassan is highly motivated and has a comprehensive list of prospective tenants to meet your leasing needs. See improvements across the board with higher occupancies and rates.

Tenant Representation

At Oak & Stone, we’re proactively working from the very start of the selection process. Client-focused, collaborative conversations are foundational to pinpointing the right space for your goals.
Work with an expert broker who specializes in the market and commercial property type you’re interested in. Then search our database for available Atlanta spaces and find exactly what you’re looking for through the use of smart filters, radius and property type options.

Call Oak & Stone Realty for Commercial Leasing Services

Oak & Stone Realty provides dedicated commercial leasing and property management services. We help clients in Atlanta secure leasing opportunities that add value to their real estate goals. Through landlord and tenant representation across all sectors, Hassan markets properties and conducts assured, confident negotiations to reach favorable terms.

Commercial leasing means more than simply having a property with promise. When clients partner with Hassan and Oak & Stone, they now have a commercial real estate broker that can navigate this market, and intentionally position you so that the ever-evolving trends and demand work in your favor.