Acquisitions and Dispositions

At Oak & Stone Realty, our client-focused commercial real estate services focus on your individual investment objectives. With acquisitions and dispositions, it’s about actively assisting you in achieving your goals and finding the best deals. Hassan utilizes his knowledge gained from years of on-the-job experience combined with his nuanced intuition of what works within local industry sectors to add value for clients looking to buy and sell.

When you work with Oak & Stone, you gain access to specialized resources, including an exclusive inventory of properties for investments and an interactive, evolving list of buyer connections. Our brokerage firm collaborates with clients and builds relationships within the competitive Atlanta real estate market.

What are Acquisitions and Dispositions?

The acquisition process involves a client buying, or gaining ownership of real estate assets.

The disposition process involves a client selling, or liquidating, a real property asset.

Your broker will negotiate the purchase and sale of properties to find the best deals in your favor. Clients also receive full-service support for buying and selling; our seasoned understanding of the current market and expansive database is now yours.

With a reputation for results earned through years of working in Atlanta industries, you can count on us to generate top outcomes. Oak & Stone Realty is the leading authority in commercial real estate acquisitions and dispositions. We are continuously developing and cultivating our database so you have the tools necessary to close the deal.

Buyers are supported by our large inventory of investment properties open in Atlanta and sellers are connected to our pool of motivated, pre-qualified investors throughout the metro area.

Acquisitions in Atlanta Real Estate

You can use our extensive network to confidently invest in your next commercial real estate investment. Hassan has concentrated knowledge of properties within the retail, multifamily, office, mixed-use, industrial and land spaces.

When you’re ready to buy, receive a comprehensive, customized investment strategy for your next property purchase. Professional broker representation means you can count on us to facilitate the acquisition process by assisting with locating, negotiating and closing acquisitions. Oak & Stone performs thorough research and leverages market opportunities to increase the value of your portfolio.

Our presence in the market means we can find the right space for you through a managed acquisitions pipeline with a seamless flow of reliable, interesting listings. Hassan locates, performs due diligence, and negotiates the purchase of new commercial property investments. Start today with strategic advisory services that focus on how an asset can offer the best location, price and terms to meet your needs.

Dispositions in Atlanta Real Estate

When you’re looking to sell, Oak & Stone Realty can effectively locate motivated buyers and leverage market resources to maximize the value of your property. Our brokerage firm follows the current supply and demand trends to secure increased demand with dispositions, so clients can confidently sell with more competitive offers.

Each property type is different, which is why specialized knowledge of major and local markets is a crucial aspect of the broker representation we offer to clients. As is communication. Oak & Stone keeps you informed through the disposition process, beginning with sharing a marketing plan personalized to your specific goals.

We’ll find you a buyer. As a commercial broker recognized in the Atlanta market, Hassan can source more effective sale opportunities, provide a fair market value for your property, and connect you with interested parties.

Whether you’re considering liquidating through traditional sale or a 1031 exchange, Oak & Stone can assist with negotiations so you can increase cash flow or invest returns into another property. Hassan has seen consistent success generating results investors want in retail, multifamily, office, mixed-use, industrial and land spaces. Partner with the person who built industry best practices into a brokerage marketing platform made to deliver smooth sales transactions.

Execute Acquisitions and Dispositions Confidently with Oak & Stone Realty

Our expertise is available through every step of the process. Oak & Stone Realty with Hassan as the managing broker is here to answer your questions and handle the ins and outs of acquisitions and dispositions so you don’t have to.

From beginning offers to closing deals, clients can count on our brokerage firm for support through each phase of your commercial real estate transaction.