Commercial 1031 Exchanges

With commercial 1031 exchanges in Atlanta, you can exchange one investment property for another. The way it works is through the sale of your property, where the equity generated is then rolled over into the purchase of another like-kind property.

The benefit of 1031 exchanges is the deferment of your capital gains tax, which allows clients to increase cash flow and build more wealth to better achieve investment goals. As the resulting tax deferral opens up more capital for your new investment, you can then reinvest in a new property of equal or greater value.

Oak & Stone Realty is well-versed in 1031 exchanges. It’s important to work with a brokerage firm experienced in this type of transaction because there are various guidelines and requirements you must be aware of. Hassan and Oak & Stone lead Atlanta with our proven best practices for 1031 exchanges.

Benefits of 1031 Exchanges

Don’t lose your money paying taxes on the sale of a property. Invest it back with 1031 exchanges. We assist clients in trading one investment property for another, giving you the ability to defer taxes to better leverage those funds through reinvestment.

The complexity of commercial 1031 exchanges paired with the often high required minimum investment highlights the importance of working with someone you trust. Oak & Stone Realty follows through with accountability to the client, making us Atlanta’s choice for premier real estate services.

There are many benefits for investors interested in this transaction.

Defer taxes on capital gains made from the sale of real estate

Build your investment portfolio with diversified assets

Increase return prospects with new properties

Reduce management responsibilities

Stay liquid with a steady cash flow

Working with Oak & Stone Realty ensures 1031 compliance with hands-on guidance through the process. This means advising you to pinpoint a qualified intermediary, going over the timelines and restrictions associated with a 1031 exchange commercial property transaction, providing access to our database of qualified and motivated buyers to sell your property, identifying a range of replacement properties, and expertly closing with the purchase of your new property.

What is Covered in 1031 Exchanges?

There are a number of guidelines that must be followed with 1031 exchanges. Hassan is a trusted advisor for clients, utilizing his market knowledge and specialized experience within these transactions to maximize your profits and reduce management responsibilities. When dealing with taxes, it can begin to feel complicated quickly—straightforward, streamlined and transparent is the Oak & Stone promise.
There is no limit to how often you can use a 1031 exchange. Here is an overview to help you better understand the rules that must be followed within tax-deferred exchanges:

Important Time Frames

There is limited time to move into a different property purchase. The replacement property must be identified within 45 days and the exchange must be concluded, which means the new property must be purchased, within 180 days.
You also must report an exchange to the IRS and file it with your tax return for the year the exchange occurred.

Investment or Business Purposes

Properties must be for investment or business purposes for owners to qualify for a Section 1031 deferral. The replacement property must also be held for investment.

Like-Kind Properties

Properties must be considered like-kind. This does not refer to the quality or grade, but the characteristics of the property. Since the IRS considers real estate to be like-kind, there are many exchangeable real properties available in our extensive inventory of listings.
You have the flexibility to adjust investment strategies to various real estate combinations, and we have the search systems in place across various sectors to capitalize on this.

Equal or Greater Value

To gain the most benefit from a commercial 1031 exchange, the replacement property should be of equal or greater value to the one being sold. If the new value is less than the original property value, it may be taxable.

Exclusive Listings from Oak & Stone Realty

Clients of Oak & Stone Realty receive help strategically deferring capital gains with the expert guidance and advisory services available through our brokerage firm. We execute the tax exchanges, streamline cash flow, and manage the process for you.
Achieve your investment goals without having to worry about the various requirements, and gain access to our comprehensive list of viable, like-kind properties around Atlanta, Buckhead, Brookhaven, Sandy Springs and Dunwoody. If you’re interested in 1031 commercial property exchanges, begin further developing your portfolio today with Oak & Stone Realty.